Meidyn's Journey Home

This is the journey, from beginning to end, of how we got our daughter home. We have not met her, she may not even be born... but she's already found a way into our hearts.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Where we are we've had our homestudy again and are waiting on it to be written. We have officially requested the government to make the switch to allow us to adopt from Ethiopia. Hopefully we will get our updated I-171 and Homestudy before Christmas. We finally received our last paper from Chris's employer and we have sent it to be county certified and then it will have to be state certified in Georgia. As soon as we receive everything from social worker we will have that State certified in Florida and send everything to Childrens Hope. It then needs to be authenticated and then sent to Ethiopia. I'm hoping we can get all of this done in about a month. PLEASE!!! I've done everything as fast as I can, now we just wait. I decided to go to babies r us today just to LOOk around and I'll have you know I parked in the EXPECTANT MOTHERS spot. I AM expecting, I've been EXPECTING for well over a year now and I think I look great. Nobody stopped and asked me to pee in a cup or anything. It was a little anticlimactic but it felt good. I didn't buy anything because I think it will jinx the whole process but I made a mental note of a lot of things.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Off to Ethiopia

With the current slow down with China's international adoption program we felt it was time to switch gears. We are currently beginning our process to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia and hope we will be able to travel in about 9 months to pick her up. We are anxious to start our new journey and hope it will go smoother than the last!

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