Meidyn's Journey Home

This is the journey, from beginning to end, of how we got our daughter home. We have not met her, she may not even be born... but she's already found a way into our hearts.

Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm back....

It has been a very long time since I posted.
I was sitting her and I realized that yesterday was our original LID (log in date) for
our China adoption. We would have been waiting 7 years!! Dropping out of China, although
difficult at the time, was the BEST thing I have ever done! Do you see my angel??? Is she not the'
most perfect girl you have ever seen. Sassy and sweet, 5 going on 15, running 100 miles per hour but still has time for a hug and kiss for her mom. She is amazing and I'm happy we didn't miss out on her. She has made me aware that some of the very best things are things in which you never plan.

First day of Kindergarten!

Crazy hair day

School clothes shopping!

Kindergarten picture day :)

So I have not posted for way too
long but like the idea of updating. I just realized that our original LID for
our China adoption was yesterday. We would have been waiting 7 years if
we hadn't decided to change course and adopt from Ethiopia. Let me tell you.....
the very best decision we could have made!! Do you see my angel?? She is by far
all I could have ever asked for and all I could have wished for. She is more than
I could have imagined and the most vibrant, confidant, sweet little girl I have ever
met. I am proud and humbled to be her mother. She has taught me the best things that
happen are not at all what you think they will be.  

This is her in all her crazy, fun, wild ways. This
is what 5 looks like going on 15. She is all Attitude with all a capital "A". If your reading
this and was part of the original November 2006 LID for China I'd love to hear from you. Wonder
how many of you are still holding out for your baby. I hope the wait has been kind to you and you
have filled the time well.

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