Meidyn's Journey Home

This is the journey, from beginning to end, of how we got our daughter home. We have not met her, she may not even be born... but she's already found a way into our hearts.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We're off!

We leave tomorrow morning and will return December 9th. I doubt I will be able to figure out how to update this from Ethiopia so I will check in when we get home. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I will try to look in on all the little ones at House of Hope!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reflection and the longest post ever

As we near our departure I'm in a fog as to everything that has happened to make this possible. I think about the woman I met who was in the process of adopting from China that got us reading and researching adoption . I remember the seminars that we attended and the year that we waited until I was old enough to become a parent, in China's eyes. Then there was the dreaded homestudy, I spent a full 2 days cleaning and scrubbing, all for that 2 hour visit that determined whether we were fit to be parents. She did not look in the kitchen cabinets, although they were neat and stocked. She did not look in the garage and my husband was disappointed after the work he put in. Next was the excitement I felt when we finally got our first dossier compiled and sent to Children's Hope, we had planned to have baby home within a year, in time for our sons 4th birthday. We bought asian dolls and Chinese art. We joined our local group and had play dates, secret swaps of baby toys and fabric to make a quilt. Every month we would hear discouraging news about the China adoption process but we just new it would change the next month. Month after month of waiting with a seemingly endless line of hopeful parents who barely moved an inch, all of us with the same goal in mind. After a year or more of waiting with no end in sight we tossed and turned with the idea of changing to Ethiopia, hating to give up on our dream, one we had poured our hearts and souls into. Finally making the decision to start all over again, taking another leap of faith into the unknown. We dutifully gathered the paperwork again but were a little more subdued in our celebration. We quietly waited, stalked and researched. I spent hours reading blogs of families that had brought their children home and somehow believed that it would happen to us. We have contacted so many adoptive families that have all become intwined in our lives and yet have actually met only a handful face to face. We saw and felt our family come together to help and support us in more ways than we could ever return. Then we sweated out the week that we hoped and prayed we would get the call but the call didn't come. Then I did the one true thing that makes no sense at all. I hoped and I prayed we would NOT get the call. I didn't want to be the family who got the call at the beginning of the rainy season and know about our daughter for months and months and do nothing. As fate would have it, 2 days after the courts closed we got the call that our daughter was ready, but we would still have to wait. We waited for 3 months and were told it still was not time. We waited another month...depressed doesn't even begin to express how I felt. I would think of this tiny baby, all 7 pounds of her every minute of every day. She was in my thoughts, in my prayers, in my tears but not in my arms. Finally my husband calls on THE DAY, The day I new would be the day she would be ready to come home. I couldn't answer the phone as I was in the dentist chair and didn't know if I could contain myself if the news was bad. I didn't know if I could contain myself if the news was good either. So I waited for the assistant to tighten and twist my braces and I smiled and told her that I may be a mother of two. On the way out of the office I began to cry. Finally I called my husband and then I cried some more. I cried hard and long and for so many reasons but for most of all it was finally time. 3 years from the beginning and exactly 2 years from our original Log in Date we were told our daughter was ready to come home. I could feel the relief in my husbands voice when he told me the news, happy to be a dad but I think more happy that his wife would finally be happy again. I could pick our son up from school and confidently tell him he was a big brother, that she would be home soon. In 4 days we will take a very long flight to meet our daughter. Her latest pictures show she is strong, beautiful and perfect. I use to wonder if the love you have for an adopted child is different from the love you have for a biological child. The answer is no, The only thing that is different is the way in which you fall in love.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

8 days and counting!

So I think we are actually going to be able to pull it all together. We are just about packed, paperwork is done but needs to be copied. I have a "final" list of what we need to do before we leave and it looks doable (is that a word?) One small snag, I have an ear infection!! How on earth does a 32 year old get an ear infection. I didn't even know this was possible but it hasn't been feeling quite right for a couple of weeks so I went to the Dr and he said I have fluid in my ears??? He gave me antibiotic and told me to take decongestant to help avoid my eardrum from rupturing in flight. Now that sounds pleasant! He said it may or may not clear up in time so he gave me extra antibiotics and said good luck! So if you hear rumor of a half deaf women wondering around Addis Ababa looking for pain medication don't worry, It's just me! Today my family and I are going to the Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate! Should be exciting, whether I can hear or not!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Updated Pictures!!

I'm truly in LOVE! Not that I wasn't before but these are the first pictures that we are able to see all of her. She is just perfect, absolutely perfect!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What to pack??

What do I pack? What do I need? What does the baby need? What have I forgotten? How much is too much? What size is she? What does she eat? When will I sleep? How will I survive the flight? I think I've officially hit my breaking point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drum roll please!!!

We waited far too long but definitely worth every tear. She is finally ours to bring home and love. I can not thank all of you enough for the support you have given me through all the ups and downs of this journey. You have all found a way into our hearts and we will forever be bound together in our past and our future. The one I obviously "altered" was because I had to see her in girl clothes!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In 2 days I hope

In 2 days I hope to be posting a picture of our baby girl.
In 2 days I hope to be on cloud nine.
In 2 days I hope to be buying a plane ticket.
In 2 days I hope to be packing our luggage
In 2 days I hope to be finishing paperwork.
In 2 days I hope to be telling my son he's finally a big brother.
In 2 days I hope ............

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Recent Pictures

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gilmore Girls...

Ok...I know this is strange but I love the Gilmore Girls. My husband makes fun of me and family will not come over after 9:00 for fear that I will be watching it. It's become a joke but I love it. I cried when it ended and bought almost all the Series on DVD. I have spent the last few months watching the WHOLE series again, with a goal to be done with the series by the time we traveled. Last night I watched the final episode and cried again when Lorelai and Luke got back together and kissed. ( I know, my goal seems small but it kept me busy). Unfortunately, I timed it so that I would finish based on our OLD travel date. Now that the court date is not for 2 more weeks and travel at least a month away what am I to do. I don't like watching movies-I find I invest too much of myself in movies. I'm afraid to do anything related to the adoption because I'll Jinx the next court date. I was in the middle of packing when we didn't make it through court so I just left everything in the middle of the nursery floor and will get back in there once we pass through court. I'm thinking of starting to watch HOUSE, as it doesn't really have a progressive plot and I won't get caught up in anything I can't finish. I only like to watch short tv shows that are light hearted and I can walk away and come back and not feel like I missed something. Ok...enough rambling for today. Please recommend tv shows you love!!

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